Vijayanagara District Police

Our Vision

Vijayangar District has a rich historical , cultural and geographical diversity . The constant influx of tourists both foreign & domestic tells the tale of how far the glory of Vijayanagar has spread across the globe.
We work towards upholding Law & Order, reducing & detecting the crimes and establishing a friendly community policing based approach with the public. We also strive towards upholding the Constitutional principles in letter and spirit
• To maintain Peace and harmony of this historical place
• To protect properties of individual and Public
• To uphold the Rights of every Citizen
• To practice scientific and modern techniques towards detection of Crime
• To act strongly against anti-social elements


Public Services

ERSS-112:- (Emergency Response Support System)

ERSS-112 is a public service scheme which is introduced by Govt. of India under ‘Vande Bharat’ scheme in order to provide the citizens as One Nation, One Emergency Number to the people hence it is 112. This service provides door step Police service for the public during emergency like Law & Order, Crimes, Fire accidents, further it is planned to extend it to Medical emergencies etc. One can seek the help by just a Call, SMS or e-Mail for this service.

For calling or SMS :- Dial 112
For e-Mail :-
Users can also download ERSS112 app in their mobiles


A Nodal officer has been appointed in all Police Stations of this District specially to help the Women who is in need of Police aid. At every Police station a vehicle has been provided for attendance of Police personnel in emergency of Women harassments, Domestic violence or eve teasing etc. This force gives timely aid and attends the victims in real time.

Durga Pade

A special Women Police team, which is called ‘Durga Pade’ has been formed in the District in order to rescue, safeguard and protect the rights of the Women in this District. This team is also called as Pink Police .

Sakala Services

There are various services to the public in which the below mentioned are frequently in need
Approx. turn over time
Passport Verification – 21 days
Job Verification – 21 days
Gun License – 21 days

Children Helpline

At CHILDLINE, we follow an action process which starts at the first call and continues till the child in need of care and protection is safely rehabilitated. To put it simply, our work includes several stages which are:
1. Call 1098 – Any child or a concerned adult can dial the CHILDLINE 1098 helpline, which operates night and day.
2. Connected to CHILDLINE centre – The call is received by the CHILDLINE centre where details about the situation are taken from the caller and CHILDLINE units are mobilised if necessary.
3. Rescue in 60 minutes – Once CHILDLINE has enough details about child or children in distress, the CHILDLINE team rushes to help children within 60 minutes to bring children out of an emergency situation.

Women Helpline

Domestic violence is something that many women have faced from the time they came into this world. Right from the sting of being born as a girl child, and thereafter the arduous journey to prove your worth at every juncture, this constant battle has been more difficult than staying alive. And, it is not always the physical violence that takes the toll, sometimes it is the mental and the psychological trauma that wrecks havoc more. And sadly, this is yet again something that is seldom recognized and addressed as a brutal form of abuse by the family members and within the family periphery.
To curb this all the District Police is always at toe steps to come forward for such help or rescue. The ‘Nirbhaya Pade’, ‘Durga Pade’ are exclusive special forces formed to address such Women in distress.

Senior Citizens Act

As per Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 , the senior citizens will be provided with Police Aid as and when necessary which includes negotiations and quick procurement of applications received from such victims.